We are leading industrial group in the region, manufacturing of well known & proven brand INSTA-POWERTM make Super Energy Efficient(Power Saver), Distribution Transformer.

  • Oil filled & dry type distribution Transformer
  • Furnace Duty Transformer
  • Lighting & Isolation Transformer

  • Silent features
  • Most economical and perfect electro-mechanical designing of the product by combination of latest designing software and experience in the field
  • Stringent inspection norms for raw material
  • Foolproof manufacturing process by qualified and skilled manpower
  • The stringent quality checks during manufacturing process and final testing
  • Higher efficiency , Robust Construction, Easy Maintenance, High reliability & Minimal losses
  • We use CRGO silicon steel metered cores and paper covered conductors. The Units are made compact resulting in lower losses, better regulation and longer life.
  • Careful design of the core and tank reduce noise level to the minimal decibels. The clamping method adopted by us helps to keep the optimum properties of the grain-oriented silicon steel core, without reducing their mechanical stability.
  • Winding on HT side are provided with sufficient end-turn reinforcement for extra strength. Winding are preshrunk and impregnated under vacuum with hot dry transformer oil before assembly to ensure proper functioning.
  • Radial as well as axial clearances and cooling ducts provided for the coils add to the safety and uniform cooling of the winding and limbs.
  • Winding are designed to withstand sufficient thermal, dynamic and electrical stresses included during operation as well as under short circuit condition.
  • Each tank is pressure tested and the exterior surface coated with primer and 2 coat of weatherproof Epoxy paints the shade being as per IS-5 standard.
  • The interior is given anti-corrosive protection with oil resistant varnish, Transformer will be supplied with first filling of insulating oil conforming to IS-335 standards.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Single Phase & three phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Air Coolled & Oil cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

  • Silent features
  • Automatic High/Low Voltage Cut-off, Overload & Short-circuit protection through MCCB.
  • Digital multipurpose display meter, Single Phase Prevention
  • Input-Output Voltage Selector Switch, Radiator for oil Circulation Cooling (if require in oil cooled)
  • Good quality Electrolytic Copper Wire and recision lamination Core Assembly of highstrips (EC Grad) quality silicon steel(CRGO)
  • Precision lamination Core Assembly of high Tin Plated Copper terminal & Bus-bar
  • Steel Enclosure with Powder coating, Best Quality Insulating material to suit
  • Chemically Treated plated hardware and fittings
  • Particular class of insulation
  • Core Type Transformer
  • Standard Make Switch Gear & Control

Pure Sine wave Online UPS

Online UPS system with SMF Batteries for Power back-up during abrupt power interruption

  • Silent features
  • Double Conversion Online UPS, Intelligent Microprocessor Control.
  • Wide Input Range, Inbuilt isolation transformer for galvanic isolation.
  • Heavy Duty Battery charger through Grid up to 100%, Cold Start on Battery.
  • High Efficiency, Compact system, lowest footprint to kVA ratio in its category.
  • True Sine Wave Output, SNMP compactable, Suitable for Inductive Load.
  • Single PCB micro controller based technology, PWM IGBT technology & LCD Display.
  • True RMS reading of more than 25parameters of UPS, Quite operation, low audible noise.
  • Superior output quality
  • Output voltage distortion < 2%*, Multiple 32 bit DSP controllers, Changeover time < 5 ms & Space Vector Modulation
  • True Bi-directional Inverter, Modular construction gives higher MTTR( >30 kVA)

ERDA Test Certificates for our Products

Our Transformers and Servo Voltage Stabilizer has successfully tested through Electrical Research & Development Council(NABL(Government of India) accredited Laboratory), Vadodara Test Reports are as under

Third party certifications for our Products

Our Transformers has successfully tested by third party(Electrical Contractors/Consultants), Purchase order of the party and its Test Reports are as under