About Us

Who We Are?

www.atecbuy.com is an idea, a thought which came in to being after a span of 30 years in industrial sales. It addresses all the important parameters of buying and selling. AtecBuy proposes to get the buyer absolute genuine product at the most economical prices. AtecBuy the platform is based on the principles of transparent free and fair trade practice.

What We Do?

AtecBuy is a E-Commerce platform setup by a team of technically qualified people having indepth knowledge of Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution. AtecBuy's Motto is to serve industrial consumers and other industrial service providers by helping them to source good quality industrial components at extremely competitive pricing.

Our Vision ...

The Site/Portal is in complete compliance of MRTP. The site follows the rules and principles of MRTP Act of India. The aim of the site is 1. Get the buyer best quality and best prices. 2. To allow a level playing field for all dealers and distributors irrespective of location and size. The philosophy is Buy Smart Sell Smart.

Important note to the buyer...

Industrial ball bearings/roller bearings are precise engineering components with high level of dimensional accuracy which is obtained only by using latest state of art manufacturing process and machine tools.
It has to ensure
a. Quality of raw material as per application.
b. Highly automated manufacturing lines.
c. CNC mother machines.
d. CNC controlled heat treatment shop.
e. CNC controlled grinding machines for that precise surface finish and dimensional accuracy.
f. State of measuring equipments e.g. Digital-Laser Technology.
g. Enquiry raised on this platform goes to all listed Authorised Distributors of all Brands. Please specify the brand you prefer.

Industrial bearings are heart and soul of your machines.